Town History

Historical Buildings in Swansea Massachusetts

Swansea Main Library and Swansea Town Hall located on Main Street

An excerpt from a Fall River Herald News article dated 3/12/2009: "Kevin Lawton, library director at the Swansea Library, said the library, the town hall and [Christ] church were intentionally built to represent three diverse styles of architecture, possibly to provide town residents with an education in architecture."

"Prominent town resident Frank Stevens paid for the town hall construction and left money in his will for the library and church. Stevensí friend, Henry Vaughn, the architect of the National Cathedral, designed the town hall building in the Romanesque style. The town hall, which was built in 1891, was originally used as a town meeting place. "

Swansea Main Library

Swansea Town Hall


Swansea Dam Builder

Swansea Dam:

click here to view more photos and a small history of the Swansea Dam, constructed around 1906 and rebuilt around 1957 by Alfred Damas (see in the photo)


Luther Museum located at the intersection of Old Warren Road, Maple Avenue and Pearse Road - click here for more Luther Museum photos

Swansea Town Hall


Gardner Elementary School

Gardner School located at the end of Church Street

Original wing constructed in 1924. Addition constructed in 1962. Named for the Gardner family who settled in Swansea in 1693. The first Gardner settler was Samuel.


Joseph Case Junior High School located on Main Street next toe the Swansea Dam
(formerly the high school)

Joseph Case Junior High School


Luther Elementary School

Luther School located on Pearse Road

Joseph G Luther School constructed from1930-31 with an addition constructed from 1962-63. 


The former Mason Barney School before demolition in 2007


Click here to view some additional images borrowed from the Swansea Historical Society archives located at the Main Library as well as the Library of Congress archives and miscellaneous photos from scanned postcards